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What our clients say about us!

Shashi Distilleries Private Limited, Bengaluru

Mr. T.R.Radhakrishnan has been instrumental in effectively dealing in the recovery proceedings by the Bank & ARC and helped us to arrive at a amicable settlement. Highly recommended. 

Vasantha Surgical Equipments, Hyderabad

Mr. T.R.Radhakrishnan has been consistently advising us since 2012 on banking & legal matters. With his help and guidance, we have got a favorable order from DRT nullifying the auction and transfer of the property back to the banker. 

We would highly recommend his services. 

Menezes Chemicals Goa Limited

I can confidently recommend Mr. Radhakrishnan's high quality, professional work. I would highly recommend any person/company who has problem with and who needs DRT & SARFAESI affairs should certainly consult with Mr. Radhakrishnan. I appreciate the attention to details and creative approach you bring to work on hand.

Ambica Constructions, Goa

I am glad I decided to work with you, Mr. Radhakrishnan, your passion for, and comprehensive understanding of every single aspect dealing with DRT & SARFAESI remarkable and contagious. Your suggestions and contributions were extremely helpful; but, most significantly, you have instilled in us an understanding of the real value of perseverance and a commitment to creating the best outcome we can.

Arun Logistic Private
Limited, Bengaluru 

We have developed a great relationship with Mr. Radhakrishnan and his dedication is evident in all aspects. I appreciate the attention to detail and creative approach he bring to the work on hand. Most of all, his humane, sincere approach to the problem and his passionate heart feeling the pain and anguish of the borrower in difficulty, is a quality rare

Mayfair Biotech Private Limited, Mehatpur(HP)

Mr. T.R.Radhakrishnan’s extensive knowledge and rich experience are the two important ingredients’ that make him a superb consultant. We would recommend his services to anyone who faces trouble in banking.  

Niwas Exports,

We would recommend the services of Shri T.R.Radhakrishnan to anyone who has developed banking problems such as account being declared as NPA, banking fraud and settlements.

SKAT India Private Limited, Chennai

We have got constant support and guidance from Mr. Radhakrishnan for our banking matters. His professional and out of the box approach is very unique and his knowledge about the banking industry and laws is very vast. We would recommend his services.

Fahim Tanning Company,Ambur 

Mr. Radhakrishnan is very knowledgeable and has a very deep insight and understanding about the banking system which enables him to help the clients make an informed decision. 

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