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Founder and Chief Consultant


Mr T.R.Radhakrishnan is the Chief Consultant of NPA HELPLINE. Along with being a banking and a management consultant he also happens to be an expert in NPA Resolution and Revival of Sick Units. With a rich experience spanning over 30 years in the banking system, and 25 years in financial consultancy, he can manoeuvre clients through the complicated financial system with utmost ease.   

As an expert in his field, he has dealt with more than 200 clients in regards to NPA Resolutions. His forte lies in arriving at high value settlements through negotiations, guiding borrowers in dealing with other banking problems and arranging tailored made financial solutions through syndication of loans. He also provides assistance through various modes such as Debt financing, Equity, Mergers, Acquisitions etc. 


He has been regularly contributing to leading national dailies since 1983. He takes great literary interest in the financial sector and regularly posts his articles on various topics, particularly about the banking system, monetary policies, economic reforms etc. His articles highlight various shortcomings in the prevailing banking system, its procedures and their impact on the  economy.

New concepts such as Recovery with a human touch, Conscience cum Conscious Banking and Perpetual self renewal Programming in the banking sector are his brain child. 

Mr. Radhakrishnan is an accomplished corporate trainer also. He undertakes motivational and inspirational workshops on leadership, mind management and various other topics. He was a visiting faculty in various Management B schools as well. 

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