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We undertake all type of funding proposals such as

  • Fresh proposals.

  • Additional capital requirements of existing companies.

  • Stressed Asset Financing.

  • Npa Financing.

  • Last mile Finance.

  • Any other Financial Requirement can be discussed and worked out.

Finance plays an integral part in achieving goals and fostering  growth to its full potential, may it be for a company or an individual. We operate on a 3 A principle- Assess, Advise and Arrange the required capital through a tailor made approach to our clients.

Our 3'A' Principle-


We assess our clients’ needs and requirements by conducting a thorough study of their present financials, their needs and their goals. Need may differ from requirement, so we firmly believe that under financing or over financing of a project plays a pivotal role in creating stressed projects.


Advising the client on what type of finance would suit their need best or through which channel should finance be sought. We advise them on possibles pros and cons of the available options and also empower them to take an informed decision.


The final step is to arrange finances for our client through various means and modes. As we have association with various Banks, Financial Institutions and High Net worth Individuals, we understand their criteria of financing, which thus enables us to shortlist and arrive at a one shot solution.

To elaborate on it, we assess the fund requirement of our clients, provide strategic advice on various options available and then procure funds for them through Banks, Financial Institutions, High Net worth Individuals, Private Equity funds or through Mergers. We also specialize in Non Performing Asset financing by providing various solutions such as syndication of finance for working capital requirements, assignment of debt to asset reconstruction companies, institutional financing through various stressed asset funds.

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