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Nothing succeeds like success

“Nothing succeeds like success” - is the old saying. World recognizes, respects, and rewards successful people. George Bernard Shaw said, “Ordinary people adapt themselves to the world. The extra-ordinary person tries to adapt the world to him. Hence the progress and development of the world is through extra-ordinary people.” These people are called successful people. Success is not a chance but a choice for successful people. For these extra-ordinary successful people, success is a daily routine, a way of life, and a habit. Why these people succeed where as others are unable to achieve success they so much desire? The difference lies in the personalities of people. Successful people own a charismatic and charming personality which makes all the difference. What is personality? “It is the whole integrated pattern of behavior which distinguishes one man from another as uniquely as fingerprints and as distinctively as photographs. Furthermore, personality consists not of incidental, emotionally neutral features such as the whorls of fingerprints, but of the most important things we can say about a person, the things that will make us love him or hate him or feel indifferent to his fate, personality includes what a man wants, what he will do to get it, and he copes with his inability to get everything he needs and desires. Personality also deals with how a man is shaped by and how he shapes, the social milieu in which he lives.” Successful people make things happen by sheer dent of their personality. What prevents people from acquiring a charismatic and charming personality? The first and the foremost reason is that they do not properly understand what personality actually is and what the importance of developing a charming personality is. Since personality is the sum of all traits, both intrinsic and extrinsic, of individual person, identifying and understanding the traits assume greater significance without which one cannot develop a personality. But human behavior is so complicated, the impact of various situations and circumstances that one faces are to be studied and understood in their correct perspectives by way of factor analysis. Soundest methods and almost of critical acumen are essential in diagnosing personal traits and is done by separating true traits and pseudo traits since the influences determining the conduct are manifold and fluid, no single performance is ever a univocal product of any one single trait. In the ultimate analysis an effective training is needed to make individual understand his or her trait and then to develop positive traits to acquire a vibrant personality. What characterizes the personality? Basically it consists of two features, namely the external features and the internal features consisting of extrinsic qualities and intrinsic qualities respectively. The major extrinsic qualities are: 1. The physical appearance. 2. The quality of dress sense. 3. The standards of style. 4. The way of walking. 5. The delivery of dialogue. 6. The body language. 7. The physical approach towards people. 8. The quality of outward communication. 9. The etiquettes The major intrinsic qualities are as follows: 1. The possession of knowledge. 2. Level of integrity. 3. Care and concern for others. 4. Quality of inward communication. 5. Quality of leadership. 6. The power of inter personal relationship 7. The power of understanding. 8. The level of inspirational qualities. Power of communication is very important to be successful in whatever that one may do. It is communication that wins over people and creates an endearing and enduring interpersonal relationship. To understand and be understood is the basis of human relationship. It is built on the power of communication. Since success depends upon the effectiveness of communication, possession of communication skills becomes an inevitable necessity to cultivate a charismatic personality. Those who have mastered its effective use can change their own experience of the world and the world’s experience of them. All behavior and feelings find their original roots in some form of communication. Those who are successful know to use this power effectively. Basically there are two types of communication, internal and external. The level of communication mastery in the external world determine the level of success in the personal, emotional, social, and economic success of individuals and the level of internal communication determines the level of individual happiness, joy, ecstasy, love or anything that one desires. The life of successful people has shown that the quality of our life is not determined by what happens to us, but rather what we do about what happens. The success or failure in life largely depends upon the power and skill of our communication used in our personal, professional and social life. Communication can make or mar a relationship. Positive communication alone can bring positive results. When we interact with people, it is imperative that we understand the power of our communication to impact those around you. What is the starting point of success? Success or failure is the outcome of an action initiated and executed. Action is derived out of placid planning. Planning is the result of well thought out objective or a chief aim. Objective or a chief aim is the culmination of a vision visualized through perceptions which comes out a thought process. Hence success is the product of a thought creating a vision which produces the objective and excellently executed through perfect planning and sincere action. It is thus evident that thoughts and success are complimentary to each other. Who produces the thoughts? It is the mind that creates the various thoughts and incites to action. That is why it is said, “Success or failure is caused more by mental attitudes than by mental capabilities.” and, “No condition or set of circumstances is in itself a calamity to be feared. It is our reaction to it that makes it a ‘waterloo’ or a field of triumph.” While other living beings are body centered, human being alone is mind centered. Among the diversities in phenomena, the mind of the man is elusive. There are as many minds as there are human beings, and each mind has its own vagaries, idiosyncrasies and complexes. While yet in childhood, these incomprehensive verities of mind remain dormant. From the divine to the devilish, all types lie latent in the human babe, but with maturity, they all become patent. Hence mind management is the only way to promote the divine and to prevent the devil from coming into prominence. The process of mind management has to go all through life. If not there is a possibility if devil taking the upper hand over the divine. When one stops learning, stagnation and set back proves to be devil. Why people do not achieve success even though they aspire for It.? That is mainly because most of the people fail to understand their own self well and they always look up to somebody out side for everything. Therefore they become relative and not absolute. They do not understand their own potential and capabilities. They lose their individuality and self esteem and distort their own personalities. They accept their defeat and do not want to come out of their inadequacies. The power of mind is already proved scientifically and yet people do not understand this and never try to use their mental power to their advantage to achieve success. Mind management is not new. But it is an age old ancient technique. The Vedas and the Upanishads and The Geeta and a host of other Hindu scriptures describe Brahman and Atman as ultimate reality which co-relates to the power and potential of the mind. Brahman is the primal principle and guiding spirit of the universe. The Upanishads affirm that the Brahman on which all else depends, to which all existences aspire, is the source of all other things, the intellectual principle, the perceiving mind, life and body. Man alone among nature’s children has the capacity to change himself by his own effort and transcend his limitations. A sound mind in a sound body will make a man healthy, wealthy and wise. A healthy and robust body and an active and an energetic mind are complimentary to each other. But of the two, the power of the mind being subtle, its power over the body is more effective and consequential. To set right an imperfect mind is a constant process and the more continuously it is done, the quicker and better is the result obtained. But man is complacent and believes that everything is all right with him and that he does need any betterment because he considered himself to be perfect. He egoistic over confidence insulates him, clouds his understanding and hampers his growth. Hence it is very important that the mental and physical faculties are to be kept rejuvenated on a continuous process. Once the importance of keeping the body in good health and the mind and mental acuity in a positive frame is understood in its correct perspectives, then success can be achieved by anybody. Then, the meaning of the saying, “Success is never ending and failure is never final” will be understood in its correct perspective. To sum up, a combination of a pleasing, presentable and charming personality, powerful effective communicating skills and a sound intuitive and acuity mind within a very healthy and sound body will ensure complete success and also will enable to turn every failure into success also.

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