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While the entire world community is facing the holocaust of COVID 19 impact seemingly inflicted by the evil designs of the expansionist Communist China through their biological warfare and the impending cyber-attack which is being launched by China to inflict further wounds on the world trade, commerce and administrations, India is facing yet another sovereign threat from China on account of their wicked desire to challenge USA and other world powers to become the foremost economic and military power of the world. India has become an impediment to the expansionist policy of China on account of India’s developmental programmes initiated by them particularly in their border areas during the recent years. Hence, the Chinese design to annihilate India once again after 1962 debacle to send their message and to show their superiority over other regional powers like Australia, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Taiwan etc for the realisation of their ambition of becoming the world power economically and militarily.

At this hour of grave crisis the Congress party led by the Gandhi family and its allied other opposition parties and the communists started to fish in the troubled waters just to get a sadistic pleasure by embarrassing the Government to gain political mileage knowing well that the tirade against their own government will give the enemies the much needed justification for their actions.

Our ex-Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh who is a highly respected Economist and intellectual but not as a politician, may be out of political compulsions and loyalty to the Gandhi Parivar recently stated, “At this moment, we stand at historic cross-roads. Our Government’s decisions and actions will have serious bearings on how the future generations perceive us. Those who lead us bear the weight of a solemn duty and in our democracy that responsibility rests with the office of the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister must always be mindful of the implications of his words and declarations on our Nation’s security as also strategic and territorial interests”. Is it a self-confession made to the nation by the former P.M? Is he reflecting on his own action and decisions when he was the P. M by reminding us of how Rahul Gandhi tore his ordinance and threw it while debating in the parliament? Or was he reminding us of the first Prime Minister’s handling of the 1962 India China face off? A man of his stature and great standing should not have indulged in making such unsavoury statements against the present P. M heading the present government considering the compulsions Mr. Singh also faced during his tenure as P. M for an uninterrupted ten long years.

Congress Parivar of Sonia Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi and particularly Rahul Gandhi and other congress leaders constant and consistent tirades against P. M Modi questioning even his integrity and honesty and accusing him of surrendering Indian territory to Chinese are nothing but ebullitions of tainted imagination coming out of pure hatred and sole aim and congress agenda of bringing down P.M Modi and his government by any method in spite of the fact that he is heading a democratically elected government with a thumping majority based on his charisma and capacity to deliver the results which he has proved amply. The highly biased approach of the opposition parties headed by Congress party towards press briefing by the Army spoke person and the prejudiced attitude towards the brave hearts of the Indian army and above all the partisan favour shown towards Chinese Communist Regime shows in unmistakable terms where their support is.

What message are they conveying to Indian citizens and to the outside world particularly Indian detractors? Have they at any point of time condemned the aggressive posture and treacherous action of the Chinese militia even after mutually decided and agreed understanding arrived at between the Generals of Indian Army and People’s Liberation Army to withdraw two Km. on either side? By keeping silence on the back stabbing done by PLA (People’s Liberation Army) of China, have they not apparently conveyed their approval of Chinese action? Is it the way that the opposition parties led by Congress party show their solidarity and support to the brave soldiers of the Army and the Government when they face a very emotional and threatening crisis? It is most unfortunate that the members of Gandhi family and the other Congress leaders are acting like members of Chinese representatives in the Indian Parliament and Indian social media.

It seems that The Gandhi Parivar and the other congress leaders and their allies and comrade communist party are suffering from convenient temporary amnesia because of which they forgot certain chapters of India China Bhai-Bhai era of Indian history particularly the belligerent aggression of Chinese army in the year 1962 when the Nehru’s Panch Sheel was thrown into dustbin by the Chinese regime. Was transparency prevailed at that time? The truth was also buried deep in spite of the military report on the debacle of 1962 submitted by Lt. General Henderson Brooks and Brig. Bhagat which was conveniently made a classified document and thus the truth about the political propriety was swept under the carpet by the then political dispensation.

This is to remind the Gandhi Parivar led congress party and other opposition parties that similar border standoff between the Indian army and PLA of China have taken place before also particularly during 1967 and 1987 when such causalities have taken place and our brave hearts had shown their mettle by inflicting heavy damages to the Chinese militia also. At that time no such hue and cry were made nor the Indian military and or the then P. Ms were questioned about their integrity and honesty. Why now the honesty and integrity of the present P. M is being questioned? Is it because Narendra Modi is the P.M?

“The 2017 China India border standoff or Doklam standoff refers to the military border standoff between the Indian Armed Forces and the People's Liberation Army of China over Chinese construction of a road in Doklam near a trijunction border area, known as Donglang, or Donglang Caochang (meaning Donglang pasture or grazing field), in Chinese. On 16 June 2017 Chinese troops with construction vehicles and road-building equipment began extending an existing road southward in Doklam, a territory which is claimed by both China as well as India's ally Bhutan. On 18 June 2017, as part of Operation Juniper, about 270 Indian troops armed with weapons and two bulldozers crossed the Sikkim border into Doklam to stop the Chinese troops from constructing the road. On 28 August, both India and China announced that they had withdrawn all their troops from the face-off site in Doklam”. Was it not a challenge and a bold decision taken by the present government to show China its proper place to restore to its original position maintaining status quo? Yet the opposition parties led by Congress never had a word of appreciation but only criticism on the bold action taken by P.M Modi.

In the recently concluded all party meeting convened by P. M to discuss the India China face off at Ladakh, all the important matters were discussed and all clarifications and explanations were given with evidence presentation by army spoke person, foreign minister, defence minister and ultimately by P.M. After the meeting all political parties conveyed their solidarity with the Prime Minister and the government and lauding the bravery of the brave hearts. But the subsequent behaviour of the Gandhi Parivar led congress party and other opposition parties show in unequivocal terms their hostility towards the P.M and his government indirectly conveying their approval of the Chinese political disposition.

It is agreed that democracy needs a strong political opponent as a deterrent to the various acts of commission and omission and wrong doings of the government in power. Political and ideological differences are bound to be there but that opposition should not be based on pure hatred towards individuals and political and ideological dispositions. Criticism should be constructive for nation building protecting the interest and economy of the nation. Any action or criticism being made by the opposition should not give any opportunity for enemies and detractors of the nation to take advantage of. At such critical time when the nation is facing a sovereign threat especially from a belligerent and a rouge nation like China, the need of the hour is unquestionable solidarity and to act unitedly and in unison to protect the interest of the nation and its integrity.

I conclude this exposition as stated above with a quote of Martin Luther King. Jr which states, “Cowardice asks the question, is it safe? Expediency asks the question, is it politic? Vanity asks the question, is it popular? But conscience asks the question, is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but one must take it because it is right”. That is what our Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government have taken such action what is being considered as right now to protect the security of the nation and for the safety of its people.

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