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Importance of Mind Management

“Tough times never last, but tough people do.” In the prevailing competitive world, survival has become the tough task and people are groping to find the pathway to success. Be it a student, be it an employed, be it a self employed, be it an executive of a corporate world, be it a politician, be it any body in any walks of life, the success rate to achieve the desired goal is negligible. What prompts the individuals to this state of affairs? The basic reason is that as individuals, every one relates oneself to outside world. Hence they become only relative and not absolute. This is because people, mostly, do not look to one’s own self before looking to out side world. They do not understand their own potentials and capabilities. They cannot co-relate themselves beyond their weaknesses. They always look up to somebody to guide their destinies. In the process their loose their individualities and self esteem, and distorts their personalities. They accept their defeat and never try to come out of it because they co-relate their existence to their fate. Even successful people, many times are unable to cope up with the pressures of the time and circumstances and environment. They are constantly under tensions and worries due to various situations. It affects their body and mind It leads to depression which in turn has an adverse impact on their life and performance. The negative impacts are due purely to their mental attitudes towards their lives and circumstances. People forget the fact that, “Success or failure is caused more by mental attitudes than my mental capabilities.” And “No condition or set of circumstances is in itself a calamity to be feared. It is our reaction to it that makes it a ‘waterloo’ or a field of triumph.” The power of the mind over the body is already established scientifically. Yet people do not know how to use their mental power to their advantage to succeed in their life. If only people can understand and identify their own inner strength and potential of what they are capable of doing, then it will not be difficult to achieve success and it becomes a routine, a habit and a way of life. The exploits of the proverbial Hanuman, in the epic Ramayana is a concrete example of how a person can achieve the impossible when he comes to understand his own potential and inner power. When Hanuman refused to cross the ocean to find the where about of Sita, the grand old man Jambhavan and Lord Rama made Hanuman understand his own potential and power and then his exploits are well known in the Sundara Kanda of the Hindu Epic Ramayana. Mind Management is not new, but an age old ancient technique which the western world has adopted now by giving different names. The Vedas, The Upanishads, The Geeta and a host of other Hindu scriptures describe Atman as ultimate self Realization and Brahman as ultimate reality, both of which co-relate to the power and potential of the mind. The Upanishads affirm that the Brahman on which all else depends , to which all existences aspire, , is the source of all other things , the intellectual principle, the perceiving mind, life and body. Man alone among nature’s children has the capacity to change himself by his own effort and transcend his own limitations The difference between a successful person and other ordinary people is that the successful individual has become an absolute entity by himself / or herself who has understood his / or her inherent power and potential and capacities to realize the objective if the life, by which he or she has become successful where as others are groping in the dark pursuing the elusive success.. Total Quality Mind Management especially in these days of competition and quality is very essential and inevitable and if practiced diligently honestly and sincerely can not only bring sure success in the life but also restore order out of chaos in one’s life. “In the present age, it is the power of mind that rules the world and therefore it is evident that he, who has acquired the best use of the power of mind, will realize the greatest success, and reach the highest places that attainment and achievement hold in store. The man who wins is the man who can apply in practical life every part of his mental ability, and who can make every action of his mind tell.” A sound mind in a sound body will lead to a healthy, wealthy and wise life. A healthy and robust body and an active and energetic mind are complimentary to each other. But of the two, mind being subtle, its power over the body is more effective and consequential. To set right an imperfect mind is a constant process and the more continuously it is done, the quicker and better is the result obtained. But man is complacent and believes that everything is all right with him and that he does need any betterment because he considered himself to be perfect. His egoistic over confidence insulates him, clouds his understanding and hampers his growth. Hence it is very important that the mental and physical faculties are to be kept rejuvenated on a continuous process. Growth of the body is evident and visible from childhood. But after maturity, it stops growing further and stat deteriorating as age catches up with life. The growth of mind, even though, keeps pace with the growth of the body; it need not necessarily be uniform. It can be erratic also. But quality of the mind never deteriorates. On the contrary, with experiences of life, it becomes more mature, more sober, more realistic and practical, more mellows and reliable, and more enlightened and less fallible. Mind is capable of enriching itself unto death. “The natural sciences, physics and chemistry, anatomy and physiology, psychology and sociology treat man an object of inquiry. They show that man is a link in the chain of living beings, one among many. He has a body and mind which belong to him, but his self is not derived from any of these, though it is the root of them all. All empirical causalities and biological processes of development apply to his outer being but not to his self. The physical, the biological, the psychological and the logical aspects are aspects of his nature, his Kosas, as Taittiriya Upanishad calls them. There are great possibilities of empirical investigation, but man is more than what he knows about him.” And that is precisely what mind management is all about that is to seek the ultimate realization of who he really is.

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