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Importance of Decision Making In Life

“It is change, continuing change, inevitable change, that is dominant factor in society today. No sensible decision can be made any longer without taking into account not only the world as it is, but the world as it will be”.

Success or failure in our life, be it personal, professional or social, are the results of the actions initiated by us depending upon our decisions. The quality of our life and destiny are directly connected with our decisions. Nobody’s life is ever all balanced. It’s a conscious decision to choose your priorities every day. But the most difficult and hardest thing in life is to take a decisive decision because it involves many tangible and intangible things which many times are beyond our control. The fear of the unknown result always lingers in us which comes as an impediment to take decision which leads us to seek outside opinions and help to take decisions. It is true in everyday life that we have only one life and the decisions to be taken are ours “whether to wait for the circumstances to make up our mind, or to act, and in acting to live”.

In the life of every successful person there happens a break through or a turning point in his life. That break through or turning point comes when he takes a clear, specific unequivocal decision to succeed. It does not matter when such a decision is to be taken but it must be taken at some point of time in our life. There are people to discourage you, to criticize you and to find fault with you when you take your decision. You may face difficulties when you take decisions which may prompt you to think that your critics are right. To undertake a course of action and to work it out towards success requires courage.

The question of decision to be made comes only when there are alternative solutions to the problems that we face in a situation that demands our decision. If there is no alternative, then the decision making is forced upon you irrespective of whether you like it or not. Since the act of decision making is a choice we have to make only when there are alternatives, it is an approach that we have to take consciously and diligently to solve the problem that is already existing at that particular point of time or to find the possible and feasible solutions that we may envisage during the course of our daily interactions connected with our personal, social or professional lives of great importance, integrity and values upon which lies our existence, relationship, success and other aesthetics of our lives. Since decisions are to be made depending on the seriousness and the importance of the situations prevailing during the course of our dealings with various subject matters in a day or during the particular period of time, we have to prioritize the decision making depending upon the urgency and importance of problems and predicaments on hand.

Since the decision that you make now is to achieve a result that you ardently desire, if not realised, would lead to unimaginable consequences severely affecting your career, relationship with others professionally, socially and personally, the decision is to be taken after analysing the situation, understanding the need and nature of decision to be made so that the purpose of decision is realised. The effectiveness of the decision depends upon understanding the existing realities, ability to predict the future consequences, perspectives of the situation and environment and efficacy of risks being undertaken. But this is the area where most deficiencies are found in the effective management of decision making. The basic behavior and strategy are decided through priority decisions which convert good intentions into effective commitments and insight into actions. But the decision making is full of risk and responsibilities and accountability and here lies the entire problem.

The most important factor for the decay in effectiveness of the decision is the “Fear Psychosis” prevailing among us regarding the repercussions if the decision goes wrong. Timely decisions are so vital many times in our lives, which if not taken, would prove detrimental to our survival and sustenance. Decision making sometimes requires to commit extensive resources of finance and usually involve an impressive level of uncertainty with respect to the outcome or result. Since the results of decision are most unpredictable because so many variables and external factors are involved, the decisions are to be made systematically, deliberately and consciously with due care. It is better to make firm decisions and carry it out and goes wrong than to shirk decision making as unpleasant and painful job as a result, to allow the incidents of life to set priorities by default. It is true that we should minimize risk and maximize opportunities. But if the behaviour of us is governed by the attempt to escape risk, it will end up by taking the greatest and least risk of all, the risk of doing nothing.

Many times, we are exhorted to take the right decisions. But at the point of taking decision, nobody can predict whether the decision is going to be right or wrong. The result only can confirm if it is right. Many times, we may not want to take timely decision, even if the decision is inevitable on most important matters, simply because of the fear that we may become accountable and answerable for our acts of commissions and omissions and error of judgment. The “Fear Psychosis” is outcome of facing up to our responsibility and its ruthless consequences devoid of any sensitiveness to intentions of the decision making and needs of the circumstances. This may create suspicion and mistrust among those we love and maintain relationships. Mutual trust and understanding are the basis of all our relationship, be it personal, professional or social. Procrastination of decision and timely action can affect our relationship with others. Hence, if the decision is not taken at the right time when it needs to be taken, it loses its purpose and is detrimental to the cause.

Certain truths are to be understood with regard to decision making in life.

  • Decision making is inevitable in our personal, professional or social lives on a day to day basis depending upon the situation we are in especially faced with a crisis. There may be situation where decision is forced to be taken instantly.

  • At the time of taking decision, there is no right decision or wrong decision. The outcome of the decision made only confirm whether the decision is right or wrong. If it proves to be right, enjoy the fruit of it. If it is wrong, you undertake a course correction to make it right. In any case we must find the right decision to realise our desired end.

  • Trust your instincts, and make judgements on what your conscious tells you.

  • Decision leads to action and until a decision is made nothing happens.

  • Success in life is the result of bold and courageous decisions taken at the right time.

  • Do not let others to take your decision and guide your life. Be bold, be positive and guide your destiny.

  • Do not postpone decision making and allow the accidents and incidents of life to guide its course which may not be what you need as your destiny.

  • Let your decision be not based on what people may think about you and others’ perception about you but based on what you think best for you.

  • Don’t be concerned about your failures when you take a decision. You be more bothered about the chances that you may miss to succeed if you do not take timely decision. Always think that “success is never ending and failure is never final”.

  • Tough decisions are necessary to tide over the tough times. Remember always that “Tough time never last. But tough people do”.

  • Never take decision or stop taking decision out of fear. Be bold, be courageous and take decisive decision unmindful of the consequences.

In the final analysis “Indecisiveness is the number one reason for failure. Lack of ability to make a decision in a timely manner causes most people to fail with their projects and plans. Identify this challenge and decide to no longer let it be a setback from your success.”

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