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We are all passing through an unprecedented situation threatening the livelihood and sustenance of our lives and causing not only innumerable hardships and loss of human lives but also severe damages to the economy of the nation on account of the effect of the raging diabolic pandemic corona-19 attack engulfing the entire world since 2019. The devastating effects of the pandemic corona are affecting the lives of the people in such a way that people find it difficult to cope with the situation. But we have to accept the reality that situation cannot be changed and the only solution is to change ourselves to face the challenges with true grit.

Always remember that we are more than what we know about selves and Bhagavad Gits states, “Man is made by his belief. As he beliefs, so he is”. Courage is our dormant inner strength to overcome our fear to face any eventualities of our life and to take risks to find solutions to come out of the problems we face. Conviction is our strong feeling that we will succeed in whatever right things we do. Confidence is our capacity to make things happen the way we want it. Equipped with the aforesaid three “C” s, we can surmount any problems that we face. Every happening in life shows an opportunity in difficulty and not difficulty in opportunity. History has taught us that man has the resilience power inherent in him to face and come out of his problems.

Under the present prevailing situation, those who have taken loans from banks and financial institutions must be facing many difficulties in fulfilling their financial commitments particularly those entrepreneurs coming under the category of MSME because of the impact of corona pandemic which has drained their cash flow. At this time of grave concern, we should not lose our hopes and panic but take it as a passing face and use our power of resilience to tide over our adverse conditions with the resolve that we shall come out successful in our endeavors. Always bear in mind the dictum, “TOUGH TIME NEVER LAST. BUT TOUGH PEOPLE DO”.

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