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Friends, Indians and Countrymen, Lend me your ears and conscience.

Friends, Indians and Countrymen, Lend me your ears and conscience.

The problems of Kashmir coming out of a legacy of the first Prime Minister of India Jawahar Lal Nehru of taking the issue of Kashmir dispute at the time of partition of India in the year 1947 when the Pakistan Army invaded Kashmir to the United Nations and agreeing first to a plebiscite and then gong back on it making a mess out of the situations and the impact of it was and is being felt more severely now. The tragic incidents coming out of the ugly situations during partition is due purely to lack of quality leadership which is the ability of the leader to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency. Besides, the statesmanship is not what happens to a leader and statesman but it is what he does with what happens to him. The ultimate measure of a leader and statesman is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands in times of challenge and controversy. The first Prime Minister of this great nation failed as a leader and Statesman of this great nation at the crucial and critical time of the history. It was repeated again in the year 1962 when Chinese attacked India and the then Indian foreign policy of ‘Panch Sheel’ went in for a toss.

It seems that history is being repeated when we find another irresponsible leader and Chief Minister of West Bengal urging and giving a clarion call to the people of India for a referendum under United Nation Organisation supervision on the CAA and NRC which is not being opposed vehemently by Gandhi Parivar led Congress Party and the left and almost all other parties including some of the NDA allies as part of their so called “peaceful and democratic” all India protests against democratically passed CAA after fiery discussions and debates by all the parties in both the houses of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha and non-existent NRC. A very dangerous situation is being created deliberately out of sheer hatred for the democratically elected Prime Minister Narendra Modi with a thumping majority and his government and as a part of destabilization of the democracy of the country.

Can anyone forget that Sixty-four members of India’s Parliament, 25 from the Lok Sabha and 39 from the Rajya Sabha from 15 political parties across 15 states, petitioned U.S. President Barack Obama to advise the State Department to hold firm to its 2005 decision to deny then Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi an entry visa. Do they believe in democratic process? Gandhi Parivar led Congress, the left parties and other opposition parties got the greatest snub when President Donald Trump and the senators and the American Indian diaspora greeted and treated Prime Minister Narendra Modi with an unprecedented welcome to America.

The purported peaceful protests started by the Jamia University students in their campus which was hijacked by political parties spearheaded by Gandhi Parivar of the Congress party and the Left Parties and joined by most of the other parties including some of the NDA allies and deftly allowed to be taken over by the anti-socials and anti-nationals as seen from various visuals shown by various T. V channels indulging in destruction of public properties causing injuries to citizens. It is the travesty of truth which is being propagated that protests are peaceful particularly in Bihar, Bengal, U.P, Karnataka and Kerala and are actually the handiwork of the police. But the visuals from T V pictures clearly shows who these people are. Under these circumstances, what the state governments are expected to do? Section 144 is a legally available means to contain the arson and looting. But the so-called peaceful protesters blame the BJP governments for suppressing the rights of the citizens by adopting dictatorial methods to suppress the freedom of expression but when it comes to states ruled by non-BJP parties, it is a democratic action initiated by those governments to protect the law and order situation. What a double standard and “double speak”?

The so-called peaceful protesters say that democracy and the freedom of speech are being suppressed. Is it So? The pseudo and purported peaceful protesters have legal remedy against the democratically passed CAA and the non-existent NRC. Why did not these alleged peaceful protesters take constitution and legal recourse to alleviate their induced and misled fears? They will never use the democratic means because that will not serve their purpose. In this connection what had happened in the case of Ram Temple when all concerned litigants and all political parties and religious groups agreed to accept the verdict of the Supreme Court for which they all waited for so long? What happened when the verdict was delivered? Are not the great luminaries of law supporting the purported peaceful protesters questioning the wisdom of the Apex Court’s judgment? Is the action of these great legal luminaries demeaning the judgment of the highest and august Apex Court of the Country justifiable and can it not be termed as the contempt of the Supreme Court of India and hence, contempt of the constitution?

When the great legal luminaries of so-called peaceful protesters and some of the activists approached the Supreme Court of India, the Chief Justice asked them to approach the respective High Courts to redress their fear and grievances since The Apex Court cannot act as the trial court. Many writ petitions have been filed in the various High Courts of the country. But can the alleged peaceful protesters not wait for the legal remedy? Instead are they not intensifying their purported peaceful protests to safe guard their alleged right to expression which is being taken advantage by the politicians and then usurped by the anti-socials and anti-nationals to indulge in arson and burning public and private properties and undemocratic actions to create chaos to destabilize the democracy of the country?

If we are to allow the situation to continue like the one that is prevailing now, then “Either some Ceaser or Napoleon will seize reins of government with a strong hand, or your republic will be as fearfully plundered and laid waste by barbarians in the Twentieth Century as the Roman Empire in the Fifth- with the difference……that your Huns and Vandals will have been engendered within your own country by your own institutions” Do you want it to happen?

What we need now is the implementation of the principles of real democracy Which is a satisfying, affirmative alternative to man’s individual and collective progress, but our present practicing democracy has become a means to reduce men to mediocrity in character and culture, to vulgarize man’s conception of life, their moral codes, manners and conduct and to endanger their legitimate rights. Let us not play the game of dirty politics of hatred and appeasement of any section of society and claim for the privileges for any segment of the people and not seek a government answer or an opposition answer but to search for the right answer for the welfare of the society and accept our own duties and responsibilities for our welfare and future. Let us not fall a prey to the treacherous ways of divide and rule of all political parties to promote their own individual interests and work for the welfare of the nation and for its development and financial stability.

United we stand and divided we fall and hatred begets hatred and love conquers hatred. Let us not allow the history to be repeated and let us guard against the fissiparous tendencies to work against the nation as happened in the past one thousand years before our independence first under Islamic rule and then under the British regime to subjugate our nation once more and to destroy the culture, ethos, values and ethics of this heritage nation.

All democratic thinking Friends, Indians and Country Men! Awake, Arise and Stop not till the instigated vandalism and hooliganism prevailing now are arrested and bring the nation to its sanity and peace.

Jai Hind and Vante-Mataram.

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